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Top 3 RSI-Mouse which help to prevent a mouse-arm

mouse mouse

People who work with a computer could get a mouse-arm. These people could be for example journalists, secretaries, graphical designers, accountants or other people who work in an office. Complaints of a mouse-arm are pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, hands or fingers. This top 3 helps people with these complaints, because these products are ergonomically designed.

AirObic Quill Ergonomic mouse

This is one of the mice which help people with a mouse-arm. As you can see it is not a normal mouse like the others. This mouse has a different shape, it is slanted. This mouse supports the throb. The vertical position makes sure that there will be less muscle-tension. Because of muscle-tension people get complaints and often their complaints show that they have a mouse-arm. This mouse is available for people who are right- or left handed. This mouse is called “AirObic Quill Ergonomic mouse”.

Anir Muis Large Ergonomic mouse

This mouse is different shaped then the one above. With this mouse, you only have to put your hand around it. You can click on the buttons with your thumb. The form of this mouse will support the posture. In this way you won’t get a mouse-arm. This mouse is suitable for people with small or medium hands. This mouse is called “Anir vertical Large Pro Black USB/PS2 Ergonomic mouse”.

BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent3 Right Ergonomic mouse

A lot of people don’t know, that if they have a bad posture, then they could get complaints or permanent damage. That is why it is good to have an ergonomic mouse. This is also an ergonomic mouse. You only have to put your hand around it. Your throb won’t touch the desk, so this will prevent pain on the throb. This mouse called “BakkerElkhuizen Evoluent3 Right Ergonomic mouse”.