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Top 3 best items for RSI-complaints of ErgoLine

ErgoLine ErgoLine

ErgoLine is a brand. This brand makes items which help to prevent RSI. The RSI complaints can occur in the neck, arm, hand, shoulder, back, knees or legs for example. These products or ErgoLine can prevent the pain or make the pain go away. These products are very handy for a lot of people.

A pillow which supports the elbow and arm

Some people have complaints at their elbow or their arm. This pillow can prevent this pain. Normally the standard chair-support is too hard for your arm, this can lead to damage and complaints. This pillow is softer, because there is a lot of gel in it. This gel makes sure your arm is comfortable. This pillow is named “Elbow/arm-support”.

An adaptable keyboard

Just like some people have complaints because of a wrong chair-support, some people have complaints because of their keyboard. It is not good for your body to stay in the same posture for a long time. Like for example when you sit, but your posture is wrong, then you will feel it in your body eventually. This is the same thing with your hands, if your keyboard gives you complaints at your hands or arms then you  should consider buying an ergonomic keyboard.

You can split these keyboards in two, this will prevent pain. The keyboards have integrated palm-support. This keyboard will prevent complaints or could make the pain less. This keyboard is called “Ergo Delta adjustable keyboard USB Ergonomic keyboard”.

A mouse that isn’t shaped like a mouse

The chair-support and keyboard help with RSI-complaints, but a good mouse could absolutely also help. How many times on a day do you use your mouse? Very often. That’s why it has to be a good mouse, like this one. This mouse is suitable for people with small or medium hands. It is known as the best vertical ergonomic mouse. This mouse makes sure your hand, wrist and under-arm are in the right posture. This successful invention is called “Anir Verticale mouse Small/Medium Basic White PS2/USB Ergonomic”.