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Logitech in top 3 of best brands for RSI, how did they do that?

RSI Logitech RSI Logitech

Logitech is a Swiss brand. The brand is known for their electronic equipment. But Logitech has more products. A lot of people have RSI-complaints. This can be for example pain in the neck, shoulder, arm or hand. Logitech has made mice for people with complaints. These mice can prevent pain and permanent complaints, because they are shaped for people who are sensitive to RSI. These are three very good Logitech products.

A mouse which is good for your thumb

Trackballs could often prevent complaints in the neck, shoulder and upper-arm. Because with this mouse, the trackball will be controlled by the fingers and thumb. The hand and wrist will be in a comfortable position, which makes the muscle-tension less than with a normal mouse.

The Logitech Trackman Marble Wireless Mouse has a trackball that is good for the thumb. It is easy to use the scroll/zoom wheel. The ergonomic shaped three-button mouse can be cleaned easily. It will also be delivered with USB-connection.

The trackball stays where it is, in this way you don’t have to move your arm. The rounded form supports the hand and it makes sure your throb won’t touch the mouse.


  • Adapted TrackBall
  • Ergonomic shaped
  • It is little, so it don’t need much place
  • Advanced wireless Technology
  • The battery will survive 18 months (with normal usage)
  • Adaptable cursor-speed

Less complaints, because of a mouse

This mouse is called Logitech Marble Mouse Ergonomic mouse. A lot of people have complaints in the neck, arms, hands or shoulders. If you use this mouse then obviously you will have less pain. The mouse will be controlled by the fingers and thumb, the hand and throb will be in a soothing position. This mouse will make sure that there will be less muscle tension, so then you will have less or no pain.

The kidsball, with yellow button

This mouse is called a kidsball, but it is not for children. The mouse looks like a kids-toy, but it is a mouse for people with big hands. You can see that this mouse has a very big trackball, which can be very handy for people with big hands. This surface is perfect for people with big hands.